Five Spring and Summer Fashion Trends in 2018

Hello all,

I wanted to create a quick blog post about some of the trends that I’ve been noticing when I’ve been perusing the internet for my next fashion purchases. These five trends are something that I’ve seen prominently and I know I’ll definitely be seeing other fashion and style enthusiast rocking these during spring and summer.

After this I’ll definitely be posting my blog posts from the Caribbean!

Enjoy ♥

Scrunch (or Smocked) style dresses/sets

I’ve noticed a lot of companies are rolling out these dresses or sets with the scrunched up moveable material. Similar to the material that is usually put on the back of a summer dress to make it more expandable… except all over! Here are a few examples of dresses or sets that I’ve been loving!









Chunky 90’s Slingback Platform Sandals

We’re seeing a comeback of 90’s style sandals with the bigger heel and platform! Pair them with a nice dress like the one’s above or use them to dress up a simpler jeans and t-shirt outfit.










Overalls… But the sexier kind

Overalls have been a fashion trend for a long time, but now companies are getting more creative! Personally, I have had two of these and am planning on returning the other. Specifically, the one I list from Urban Outfitters. Personally it did not fit me in a flattering way for my body shape. If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit instead of a fitter fit (too many uses of fits, sorry), I would recommend the one from Urban, vs the one from Free People. I also found a cheaper version from Forever21 (yay for bargaining)!










Feminine Tie Tops 

I might be reiterating a prominent fashion trend, but I’ve been loving the tie tops that have been trending recently! Here are a few of my favorites and some of them I already own!











Gingham Front Tie Dresses

Gingham has been really hot this season and the trend is still going on strong. Specifically, I’ve been seeing similar qualities of all these dresses: tie-fronts with possibly a little skin where it ties, a-line, and short. This is definitely a fashion trend that’s both easy to wear, but looks effortless.











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