A Pastel Outfit to Match Puerto Rico’s Pastel Walls

Hello all, continuing on from my last blog post, I wanted to quickly post my casual outfit from Puerto Rico! It features a pastel crop button up that I thought would be perfect against the pastel walls of Old San Juan.

Exploration of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Out of all the places that we visited, Puerto Rico was a clear favorite for my friend and I. We felt there was so much character and culture in the city of Old San Juan. The city has architecture that boasts Spanish influence. With it’s red tiled roofs, pastel colored walls, and ornate balconies, makes for a scenic view. In the future, I’ll be posting more in-depth photos of the landscape and views.

For our excursion in Puerto Rico, we arrived close to Old San Juan and jumped on a bus to tour 10 of San Juan’s best sites. The best part of this tour was hearing about the history. We didn’t just tour beaches and the iconic pastel buildings, but also the government buildings and fortresses that they built for past wars.

Pastel Architecture and Outfit

One of the most iconic parts of Old San Juan are the pastel walls. Each building is painted in different subtle hues of the color. They also have accents of white that really make the pastel walls pop.

Prior to the trip, I saw that Old San Juan had these pastel walls and wanted to match them. I found this cute crop top at Free People. I would suggest if you’re planning on purchasing this to size up. The top is very cropped when I tried on my regular size. I opted for the medium size. The shorts… wow. These are the most comfortable shorts ever. They have a stretch waistband and are so soft. Details of the outfit will be below with links!

If you’re planning on going on a trip soon, leave a comment of where and what style you’ve been loving! Need some inspiration? Check out my post about the top five trends of this spring and summer.

Enjoy ♡

Pastel Outfit Details:




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