How I Styled Overalls for Double Date Night

During this last week, I’ve been loving posting more blogs and writing more so I wanted to post this look that features overalls!

Fun fact: I wanted to be a journalist when I was in high school and was the editor-in-chief for two years. However when I found out how much they made (which at the time was 20-30k average in Washington) I decided to pursue my other passion of Software Engineering and Math! Although I didn’t pursue being a journalist, I feel like my blog can be my creative outlet for both writing and fashion!

Also an update, I colored my hair a bit! I got a subtle brown balayage for the Summer and am planning on going a bit light in a month or two. Basically, who dis with the new hair 😉

Wine Tasting Kind of Weekend

My friends and I went on a double date to go wine tasting! If you didn’t know, in my area there are many wineries and tasting rooms. So much so, that they have a Passport deal where you can pay $50 for 50+ wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Fifty plus places! That’s about a dollar per place. For context, a usual tasting is around $10-15, so this is a steal! If you live in Washington, I would definitely check this out. It’s sold at most Costcos in the Seattle area. This Passport lasts till the end of the year… There’s gonna be a lot of summer weekends where I’ll be drinking wine, so cheers!

Casual but Cute Overall Mini

For my outfit, I wanted to be casual and cute. This mini overall dress was perfect! I’ve been waiting to wear this and I can tell already that I’ll be able to just throw this on but still feel comfortable. The overalls are from Free People and the white t-shirt is from a boutique in my town. I paired it with my signature white Converse to make it more casual and I expected to walk a lot. These overalls in the denim color are so stretchy. Piece of advice, if you’re on the taller side, I have the black version of this in the velvet material and it is not stretchy. I constantly feel like my bottom is going to show because of how short it is. With the denim color, it’s a lot stretchier and I didn’t have any anxiety over the shortness.

My Blonde Bombshell Best Friend

I haven’t featured any of my friends on my blog as of yet and Sheree is the first! She’s my best friend from high school and we’ve known each other for almost a decade. We somehow managed to match with the light wash denim and the white top! I’ve linked some alternatives for her outfit for you all, as most of the styles aren’t being sold anymore. We’ve always been matching since Middle School. We’d constantly coordinate outfits together and show up as twins. Fun fact about her, she is a twin!

This post is featuring one of the overalls that I had linked in my previous post on Spring and Summer trends for 2018! Check that out if you want variations and different styles I’ve been loving!

Enjoy ♡

My Outfit Details:

Sheree’s Outfit Details:

  • Top – Sold out but here’s an alternative with a little floral detail
  • Bottoms – Sold out but here’s an alternative from the same brand, Topshop
  • Shoes – Sold out but here’s an alternative from the same brand

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