My Real Experience with Acne and Curing it with Curology

Hi all, I wanted to do something a little different this time around. I know how difficult it is to feel confident with acne being the focal point of attention. I know I’ve always felt the lows when it seemed like nothing could cure the red bumps on my skin. This isn’t going to be the solution for everyone, but I wanted to write about my experience with the brand Curology.

This post was spurred on by my friend Maggie who reminded me that our acne journey was long and difficult.

What is Curology?

Curology is a subscription service that boasts having a dermatologist that designs your topical treatment based on the appearance and traits of your skin. They first have you go through a few multiple choice questions and then you are asked to upload some photos of your skin. From there, a dermatologist contacted me through the app and I was given a prescription shortly after.

My Skin Journey

For all of high school I did not have severe acne. I was a typical teenager that would only get couple of bumps whenever it was that time of the month. Most of my acne was hormonal and so there wasn’t much I could do. When I started to have acne, my mom suggested that I use Clinique’s three-step acne program. This isn’t anyway bashing their three-step but personally I felt that this didn’t work for me. I felt the salicylic acid left my skin dry (which it essentially is trying to dry out your pimple to cure it) and I didn’t see a huge difference when I was and wasn’t using it.

Fast forward to college, this is when things turned for the worst. I noticed after my freshman year of college that I started to get more cystic acne. There were constant red bumps at the top of my cheek, on my chin, all over my forehead and finally between my eyebrows.

I was fed up with my skin and went to my family doctor to get a prescription to help sort out this mess. I don’t remember specifically what product I got, but the main active ingredient was benzoyl peroxide. This also left my skin feeling dry and made my skin shed. I thought it was a part of the purging stage that everyone talked about. It’s suppose to only get worse to get better right? Wrong, it didn’t get better and I couldn’t even wear makeup to cover it up because of how dry and ashy my skin was.

How I discovered and what my journey was with Curology

I was pretty fed up with constantly trying to find a solution. I’ve always been interested in subscription services (I was an avid Ipsy and Glossy Box buyer) and found Curology just as enticing. It was easy to get a prescription and I soon was starting my journey with them.

After three months, I felt I wasn’t getting the type of progress that I wanted. After contacting them, I was told to continue the use for six months and after I could get a prescribed a different prescription. I stuck it out and the results were miraculous. My journey started on March 18th 2016 and ended with the clearest skin since I’ve ever had since I was a little kid on August 21st 2016. That is only five months of use and I had clear skin. Ever since then, I’ve been an avid user of Curology.

What it will cost you?

It’s a cool $20 a month or $40 a bottle. I will never stop recommending Curology to anyone that is suffering from acne. I’ve gotten two of my friends to use it. I was so tired of spending $100+ for a three-step program that wasn’t working and made my skin feel worse. This product changed my life and I am so glad that I took a chance and subscribed.

My Journey compared to others

I’m not going to say that Curology will cure everyone. However, I’ve recommended this product to two people and they both had differing experiences. To start, all three of us had the same prescription, meaning we all had the same active ingredients. We all ranged in severity and what happened after six months.

Friend #1: Maggie

She had a very similar experience to me. The results were very fast and she is continuing to use it.

Friend #2: Shanelle

She had the opposite experience with Curology. It wasn’t as fast and miraculous for her. I believe she is still using the product and is seeing results, however it could be because of Curology or her change of diet. She has cutback on the amount of dairy she has and has been drinking lots of spearmint tea.

Conclusions on Curology

I won’t stop using this product. period. It’s been amazing and I’ve been using it for two years and won’t stop. If anyone is suffering from acne I would definitely test out this product.

I hope you enjoyed this longer than usual blog post. ♡

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