Sweater Weather during Cloudy Days in Washington

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Hi all, if you didn’t know already, I reside in Washington. The weather here is usually really great but during the early months of July we experience a little time of cloudy or rainy weather in the Summer. I decided to do a lightweight sweater outfit. You can swap the sweater for a tank top as the pants are definitely the star of the show!

The Outfit

I can’t tell you how long I’ve had these pants for. They’ve been sitting in my closet since January. Yes, since January. I haven’t been able to find a sweater or something to pair with it till now! For the Summer, I knew I could just throw on a tight tank top and it would look good, but for the winter I couldn’t find anything to pair them with!

This sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I get so many compliments and it was on the cheaper side for Free People. I can already tell this sweater is going to be a staple in my closet. I’m debating weather to just search the internet and buy every color. It is so soft but at the same time lightweight. It has these beautiful sleeves and makes a simple white sweater look so much dressier.

These pants are from Brandy Melville. They are unfortunately one size fits all, but they are so soft and comfortable. I’m usually a person that doesn’t wear straight leg pants. I only wear skinny jeans and these are tight in the thigh but a little looser around the ankle area. They have so many different patterns and colors. I highly recommend these pants if you want something different but comfortable.

Molly Moons

I am 100% not a sweets person, but Molly Moon makes me want sweets. They are a local ice cream shop and have numerous stores around Washington. The ice cream is so delicious and I would highly recommend checking this shop out if you’re visiting!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this outfit blog post! I’m going to wedding this weekend and will be shooting my outfit and adding in more ideas for guest wedding season!♡

Outfit Details:

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