10 Dupes from Target Wild Fable Inspired by Top Brands, Free People, Urban Outfitters, and more

Hi all! If you haven’t been to Target lately, then you’re missing out. Target during this year has been introducing a multitude of new brands or re-vamping old ones to cater to the everyday fashionista. Recently, they released a new brand called Wild Fable that boasts a “trendy, retro-inspired women’s clothing for every look and every story.” I wanted to highlight the multitude of items that they offer and how affordable they are compared to high-end brands. Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you would like more blog posts such as this.

1. Free People Old School Love Jumper

Free People created this infamous and trendy take on the overall’s trend. Although this item doesn’t have many sizes in inventory, Target’s new Wild Fable clothing line dupes the silhouette and idea, but makes it into a beautiful pale pink. How can you argue with $28 for the Pink jumper vs Free People that is priced at $78. You can see me style this outfit in a previous blog.


2. Brixton Fiddler Fisherman’s Hat

Brixton is a brand that’s being sold in Free People and Urban Outfitters but with a $42 per hat price tag, you could save some money and get the $10 version at Target! I styled this accessory in a previous blog!


3. Brandy Melville Krissy Jacket

The style of the jacket is very similar but the only difference is the sequence of color blocks and also the Target version has a fusia instead of a true red that the Brandy Melville one has. Wild Fable Block-colored Jacket ($28) vs Brandy Melville Krissy Jacket ($38).

4. Urban Outfitters Ecote Metal-Tipped Belt

This belt has been in style for so long and is definitely a staple in my own closet. The Urban version is $29 and the Target Wild Fable version is a cool $10.


5. Free People Lace Up Leggings

These two items are similar in the lace detailing, but I would argue the Wild Fable version ($24) wins. The actual denim material that the Wild Fable offers would be a lot more structured and has pockets! The Free People version ($78) looks weird in the front in my opinion.

6. Urban Outfitters Red Beret

Hats recently have started to become super trendy, although I personally feel that berets might be dying soon, Target has a dupe of the infamous Urban Outfitters Red Beret. How can you argue with $16 vs. $29?

7. Brandy Melville Gretchen Top

If this isn’t an exact dupe, I don’t know what is. I will say, I expect that Brandy Melville’s version would be a lot softer as I’ve tried on the Wild Fable version in stores and found it wasn’t comfortable. It was a stiffer material and definitely wasn’t as comfortable as my other Brandy MelvilleĀ tems. However, for $16 vs $28? Save a few bucks and get the same style with Target!

8. UO Checkered Mini Slip Dress

This comparison is similar but different, but with the same idea of the plaid yellow! The Target version is a two piece set that you need to purchase separately.

9. Vans Shoes

We all know the silhouette of these shoes embodies the Van’s brand, but you can get the red pair at Target for a heck of a lot cheaper. (Van’s are $50 and Wild Fable is $10).

10. UO Project Social T Bailey Wrap Tee

This top has been of Urban Outfitters for so long and Target has created a dup in a yellow color. The only difference is the length of the knot (Urban’s is $34 vs $14 from Wild Fable).


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