Styling Target’s new Label Wild Fable at Pikes Place Market

Hello all! Recently I went to Pike’s Place Market and took some photos with the new Wild Fable collection from Target. If you haven’t seen my last blog post, I featured 10 pieces from Target’s new collection, Wild Fable, that are dupes for pieces and styles from higher-end brands! Go check out that blog post to save some coin and still dress in style! I hope you all enjoy my outfit and my adventure to Pike’s Place Market. The next couple of blogs will be centered around my Italy trip, so I hope you’ll stick around for that!

Target’s Wild Fable Collection

I hadn’t seen a lot of advertisement around the drop and release of the Wild Fable Collection at Target, but they boast a trendy, retro-inspired women’s clothing for every look and every story. My best friend Nikki happen to be shopping in Target and found all the cute clothes and I booked it there to meet up with her. My first thought when I was walking around the clothing racks was that the pricing was extremely affordable. Everything that I thought that could have been $30 or more, they were were $20 or less. This collection is definitely tailored towards a fashionista on a budget.

After going into the changing room and trying on a ton of clothes, and when I mean a ton I tried on almost every item from each rack or display. I was quickly disappointed with the sizing. Although there are a lot of plus size options, the smaller sizes weren’t small enough or did not fit to their name. Nikki was also with me and saw how the sizing didn’t really fit me as well. I ended up buying three items but quickly returned two. I returned the pink overalls, because it ended up being too loose for my liking. The other item I just changed my mind. The only item I ended up buying was the top that you’ll see below.

Overall, I was impressed with the pricing and I loved that it was affordable but fashionable, the only downside would be the sizing. I would say it’s not very true to size for a mix of the clothing. Also, I found some of the fabrics were not quality. You are definitely buying these clothing to be affordable and fashionable, but don’t count on it being soft.

Pikes Place Market

Seattle is where my home is. I always love playing tourist in my own city. Although I’ve been to Seattle and the Market dozens of time, it definitely doesn’t lose it’s charm. However, if I were a tourist in Seattle, I would recommend visiting when it’s a weekday. During the weekends there are tons of people out and able. The day I went, there were tons of Toronto Blue Jay fans out and about. Since Canada only has one baseball team, all of the Canadians seem to flock down south and make CenturyLink their own field. It’s actually quite a sight to see.

Tips on places to go to, I would recommend the Comic shop at Pikes Place and to get your bouquet of flowers for some cute pictures. I would NOT recommend going to see the original Starbuck’s. It’s similar to any other Starbucks, only with the old logo and design. I would skip it and go to the Starbuck’s Roastery instead! That itself is quite a coffee experience that I would recommend. I went there with my friends during the winter time, here’s a link to the blog post!

Outfit Details:

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