Milano: Taking on Milan in a Tennis-inspired two-piece set

Hello all! To kick off my outfit blog posts on Italy, I’m starting off with my first stop, Milano (Milan). Fun fact, I actually forgot my hard drive full of photos at the very last AirBnB and I had to get it shipped to the US for a very hefty price… but you can’t put a price tag on memories! Luckily I was able to get it back about a week after I got back.

This blog post will be solely about my outfit. I want to do a blog post on my actual travels with tips and tricks on going to each city, that blog post will come out after this one! I hope you guys enjoy my blog posts from Italy, and I can’t wait to make more travel style blogs. 

Free People is my Everything

If I could decisively say what my style is, I would sum it up with one brand, Free People. I love almost everything that they put out (except for the stuff that is too loose), and I almost always check out what they have to offer when I’m going on vacation. This two-piece set was not only super duper quality, it was also so comfortable to wear. I feel like I can wear these separately or together. I personally chose to get the red version (I’ve been loving red so much) but they also have a blue option. It’s a sort of knit material that is super stretchy. I would 100% recommend this set. I also kind of felt like a cute tennis player. 


Outfit Details: 

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