Venezia: Exploring Venice in two romantic outfits

Hey all! Venice was by far my favorite place that I went to when I was in Italy. It was the 2nd spot on our adventure and I’m glad it was one of the earlier cities as we got tired by the end. I’ll talk more about my experience in Venice, but here’s the two romantic outfits! I also previously posted a outfit post of what I wore in Milan, so check it out!

Romantic Red Dress

The color of the summer season was definitely yellow and red. To match such a romantic looking place, I wanted to wear red and something feminine. This dress is from Abercrombie and Fitch and is so cute! The material is a chiffon with a red slip underneath. Even wearing a x-small, I felt that I could have gone shorter for a more fitted feel. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking about purchasing!

Making a army green skirt look Romantic

This skirt has been one of my favorite things to style and wear. Because it’s a army green, it’s a very neutral color and can pair well with anything. Loved that I could top it with this off-the-shoulder top from Brandy Melville and make it look very feminine. I also have some band-tees at home and I could wear it with those for a more relaxed and casual outfit. I will say if you buy this skirt, I would recommend getting a size up. This one fit and is my usual size, however I felt it was sometimes tight around my butt and thighs.

Both outfits were so cute and I hope you enjoy the photos I took. The outfit details will be below. Enjoy!







Outfit Details:





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