Washington State Fall Fair Outfit

Hello all! I wanted to put out a quick blog post on a outfit that I wore to the Washington State Fair this year! The fair is held in Puyallup, Washington. It consists of not only amusement park rides, but has a large array of contests dealing with animals, plants, etc. This was a super comfortable outfit for fall! I hope you enjoy and I will be continuing with my Italy blog posts next week! Enjoy!

Transitional Pieces to Incorporate your Summer pieces

This look could be both dressed up for Summer and Fall (the skirt specifically) but as a transition into the colder weather, I chose to wear a denim jacket with sherpa and a turtleneck underneath. For all my girls in California and Florida, you could substitute those for a cropped no-sleeves turtleneck. I am absolutely in love with the skirt. The material (a wool) and color makes it perfect for fall. When it gets a bit chillier you could throw on some tights for warmth. You could even put on some knee high socks!

Outfit Details:

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