Fall: How I Style a Sports Jersey for the last weekend of the Baseball Season

Hello all, I recently went to the last weekend of the baseball season. Well… unless your team got into the play-offs. I wanted to do a outfit post of how someone could style a sports jersey during football and soccer season. Even though baseball season is nearly over, there are sports going on all-year-around.

The Last Weekend of Baseball

If you didn’t know, I’ve been turned into a Astro’s fan by my boyfriend. However that doesn’t mean that I’m not a fan of the Mariners. I’ve lived in Washington my whole life and I’m definitely a fan. Are they a little disappointing sometimes, yes, but I still love them. I also love going to games since Safeco Field has one of the best food options out of all the baseball fields.

How I Style a Sports Jersey

I’ve always wanted to wear something that would style a sports jersey. Now that it’s fall and getting into the colder months, overalls are out of the question. Usually I just wear simple skinny jeans, but after finding these pants… oh my gosh, these are so freakin’ trendy but also could be used to dress up a simple outfit.

Although in terms of sizing, I’m usually a true size 25 but I found these were a little tight around the waist. They are rigged and there is no elastic at the top. However, it did make my waist look tiny and I think it needs that cinched look at the top since the legs are loose. These pants can be styled in a multitude of ways. Usually, I would style the pants with a tighter fitting top, but you can also tuck your shirt into the waist.

Outfit Details:

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