Fall 2018: Sunshine and Apple Picking in a Fall Outfit

Hello all! Fall is in full-swing and I’ve been living it up! I’ve been going to pumpkin patches, picking apples, final baseball games, etc., so get ready for a really cute fall outfit! This blog post will be about my time at a local U-Pick Farm! My boyfriend and I wanted to pick some apples and make an apple pie!

Swan’s Trail Farm

I live around the Seattle area and the best place that was rated online was Swan’s Trail Farm. This place is 10+ miles north of Seattle. It’s definitely a trip but worth it! If you have a family, it’s very kid friendly with activities to entertain the little ones.

They had the most mouthwatering apple cider donuts. They asked me if I wanted them glazed, is that even a valid question?

One tip I would give to anyone that wants to go pick apples or any type of fruit/vegetable would be to check the farm’s facebook. Seems the general consensus in my area at least, is to update their page with how many apples have been picked through. Luckily when we went there were still honey-crisps left, but they were definitely picked through.

Surprisingly Sunny

That day that we went, it was still sunny outside, but definitely cold. I decided that I would be warmed by the sun and I was right! It wasn’t muddy and there was enough sun to feel above 70 degrees.

Striped sweaters are so trendy right now. Specifically, the one’s that are colorful and thicker stripes. This one was from Forever21 (got it for sub $25) and the skirt is unfortunately one that I bought in Italy. However, this style or ensemble of an outfit is very cute for fall. It’s a great way to transition your summer skirts to fall by adding a cute sweater on top! This cute fall outfit was also very affordable!

Outfit Details:

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