Wrapping Up My 2018

Hello all, this is has been the best year of my life. This and the last year have been filled with so much change and growth. Not only with this blog, but also in my personal life. I wanted to put together a blog post on my growth this year! With 37 published posts on my blog this year, this has been the first year that I’ve consistently posted. Going into 2018, I wanted to finally stick to blogging. Previously, I had made a ton of blogs but never consistently felt confident enough to continue posting. That has all changed this year! Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait for 2019. Keep reading to read about my 2018 year.


Starting the New Year, I wanted to make it a goal to consistently post. Although I didn’t quite get to one post per week, as the year went on I felt more and more comfortable about posting more often. I also wanted to travel much more and thus planned for a future trip with my best friend, Nikki, to the Caribbean. Besides traveling internationally, I love being a tourist in my own city and took on Seattle with Nikki and my other best friend Sheree.

I also officially started my full-time position as a Software Engineer. After was six months of being an intern, I was converted for the New Year! I started off the New Year with goals for my blog and also a new job title!


This month was a bit of a lag month. One of the hardest things about blogging is coming up with ideas on what to write. Personally, I am interested in Fashion and showing my style. At this time I hadn’t ventured out into writing travel and lifestyle blog posts. However, I got creative with my photos and decided to take some at a coffee shop.


This month my friends (David and Erika) and I took a little trip to Leavenworth, WA. It’s a festive german-style town and we had so much fun! I also started to get more creative about my photos and started to add props, ergo the flowers.


This was the month that I developed my first preset! After experimenting so many times, I finally had the one that I utilize for almost every post today. It’s bright, white, and works to amplify colors.

I also travelled to a local Tulip Festival for the first time ever and this blog post was the first photos that I used my preset on.


I went on my first trip with my best friend, Nikki! We went on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. This included: the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Grand Turks, and San Juan. It was an amazing trip and was my first international travel since I was 13! This sparked my travel bug and I quickly planned more trips. Thank you so much to my friend Nikki for taking all of my photos. She is so darling and such a dear friend of mine. We both currently have so many travel plans for 2019. She’s definitely one of gals that loves to travel as much as me.


After coming back from my trip, I felt renewed and got to work. I created and posted three outfit posts in a month, which is the most at this time. It was also summer, so it was much easier to take interesting photos with the best lighting possible.

I finally went and got my hair colored! For the first time, I decided to do something different. I did a natural brown balayage and am definitely getting my hair done again at the start of the new year.


I planned a trip for August during this month to Italy! I also posted three different outfit posts again (consistency is wonderful). That month, I went to Olympia for our annual summer fair.


Went on a mini trip to Vancouver, WA. My boyfriend and I tried to get an AirBnB or a hotel the day before, but couldn’t (doesn’t hurt to plan guys).

Also went on a trip to Italy at the end of August but didn’t post it till September, but will posting it here. Italy was an amazing trip and again sparked my travel bug.


After my trip, I took a little break from taking photos but got two outfit posts out! This was definitely a slow month, but definitely needed to recharge.


October is my boyfriend and I’s birthday month! We went to the last baseball game of the season and went to the pumpkin patch way too many times (haha for photos). This month, I also got my tickets to go to Japan in December!


This month, I decided to get a brand new camera and upgrade my kit. You can see from some of the pics, the clarity and sharpness is up! I also am finally able to take photos at night or a darker environment without it being grainy. Check out my tech stack post if you want to know more about what I shoot with.


I finally travelled to Japan! Japan has been the #1 place that I’ve wanted to go to. My boyfriend travelled to Japan in March without me and I was so jealous! Luckily he was down to go again and we went during the holiday season. It was so beautiful and surprisingly the first half of our trip wasn’t cold at all! I will continue to post photos from this trip in January!

In Conclusion…

This has been such an amazing year, and I am so glad that I was able to photograph every moment. Thank you everyone that has read my blog and have been interested! I’m going to continue to blog throughout 2019 and will try to up my game by being more consistent.

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