Target 2019 Spring Style Dupes from Free People, Urban Outfitters, etc

Hello all! One of my most viewed posts is the one I did last year when the brand Wild Fable from Target came out. I highlighted all of the clothing that they duped from higher-end brands. Well, this post is bringing this back but a Spring 2019 version! Target has created a trendy and affordable brand for girls to buy. You won’t feel like you’re breaking the bank, but are ready to wear the trendiest spring clothes! I hope you enjoy, and if you haven’t already, check out that blog post here.

1. Urban Outfitters Thermal Button Up

This top is definitely a must-have for girls that want something stylish but also super cute too. However, for $44 it’s a pretty steep price from Urban Outfitters. Luckily, Target duped it and for less than half the price ($16).

Target Long Sleeve Oversized Thermal Tie Front TopUO Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button From Top

2. Free People Femme Mini Skirt

Free People is definitely a brand that I love. It’s the epitome of the type of style that I want and have. That being said, it does come at a high price. Although the quality is amazing, some of the items definitely aren’t worth it. Take this skirt for example. A relatively simple skirt can be duped with this Wild Fable one. $50 vs. $17? I’ll take the $17!

Target Denim Mini SkirtFree People Femme Denim Mini

3. Abercrombie Macrame Tote

These net style bags have been hugely trendy and I don’t see a slow of it this spring and summer. I’ve noticed that a relatively simple bag is being sold of upwards of $90. Although it’s orange, it can honestly give a pop of color to an otherwise neutral colored bag. For $20 vs $58? Why not?

Target Mini Shopper Tote HandbagAbercrombie & Fitch Macrame Tote

4. Urban Outfitters Cropped Sherpa Teddy Jacket

Sherpa/Teddy jackets have been all the rage lately. My only gripe about these jackets are the insides don’t ever have the soft fuzziness as it does on the outside! /rantover

They’ve been super trendy and Urban Outfitters has been the front runner for selling them. However, for $89 vs $30? $89 is super steep for a jacket.

Target Sherpa JacketUO Cropped Teddy Jacket

5. Brandy Melville Chain Belt

Brandy Melville is the brand that is for the girl who loves comfort but sometimes it’s hard to obtain the brands items! This isn’t really a huge discount deal as they’re both the same amount, but it’ll be sure easier to get at Target!

Target Ring Chain BeltBrandy Melville Silver Chain Belt

6. Reformation Reign Top

Reformation is one of my favorite brands, but it definitely breaks the bank. This isn’t an exact dupe, but it’s quite similar. It has the same bustier style long sleeve, but isn’t definitely WAY cheaper at Target.

Target Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Bustier Cropped T-shirtReformation Reign Top

7. Urban Outfitters Button-Down Mini Dress

This style of dress has been so trendy for winter and still is coming into spring. Is it a bit chilly outside still? Well put on a turtleneck underneath and you’ll be fine. Or just wear as is with some cute white tennis shoes.

Target Strappy Button Front Demin DressUO Courduroy Button Down Mini Dress

8. Free People Square Neck Top

Free People has the coziest and best basics. They are however definitely expensive compared to competitors and this deal is not any different.

Target Long Sleeve Scoop Neck T-ShirtFree People Square Neck Top

9. Reformation Lex Top

Although Reformation is definitely more eco-friendly, it will break the bank for most of us. I personally have bought a few reformation pieces, but only one’s I know I’ll be able to wear over and over again!

Target Waffle Gathered Tie Front TopReformation Lex Top

10. Ray Ban Round Sunglasses

These are so so trendy. I see almost every girl have some variation of these online. There are so many dupes for these and Wild Fable is definitely not unique. So if it’s between paying $150+ for the Ray-Ban logo or for $15 of the same style… Well it’s all up to you.

Target Round SunglassesRay-Ban Round Sunglasses

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