Holidays 2019: How to Dress To Impress with These Reformation Dupes

Hello all! These style of blog posts are always my most popular ones and so… I gotta give the people what they want! This blog post will be dupes of existing holiday style of dresses that you buy for much cheaper elsewhere. I do want to say, it’s much better to just eat the cost and buy from Reformation if you can afford it. Sustainability is what Reformation is having you pay for! If you want to see some of my past Reformation Dupes, here is one from Hawaii and one from Target.

Reformation Dupes – Tate & Hyperion Dress

Black Tate Dress
Reformation Tate Dress
Reformation Hyperion Dress

This dress is so dreamy and I’m in love, but with a price tag of $278, it’s very unobtainable for most people. This dupe isn’t exact in terms of the added neck choker that Reformation has, but the general silhouette is the same and with a price tag of $68, it’s so much cheaper. Thanks Abercrombie!

model 1
Abercrombie One-Shoulder Mini Dress in Black
Abercrombie One-Shoulder Mini Dress in Green

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Abercrombie One Shoulder DressReformation Tate DressReformation Hyperion Dress

Reformation Dupes – Hamlet Dress

This dress dupe is BY FAR the most perfect one out there. The dress is basically the same, even with the scoop back detail. I tried this dress in Aritzia and was very confused when I went to find it exactly on the Reformation website. I wouldn’t say this is a very cheap option, but it is black and it can be your little black dress forever.

Black Hamlet Dress

The dupe is from Aritzia and the only detail that is different is the slit location and there is a seam that is diagonal.

BELLAMY DRESS - Satin cowl-back slip dress
Aritzia Babaton Bellamy Dress

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Aritzia Babaton Ballemy DressReformation Hamlet Dress

Reformation Dupes – Venus Bodysuit

This is one of the harder items to find a dupe for. The shoulder strap is a lot thicker than most of them. However the cutout is very common and I was able to get a close enough dupe.

Black Venus Bodysuit
Reformation Venus Bodysuit

The dupe is from Amazon! It’s very cheap and has definite differences to the Reformation one… but it’s close enough to be a dupe in my opinion.

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Amazon Cutout BodysuitReformation Venus Bodysuit

Reformation Sweeny Skirt

This was also one of the easiest dupes that I could find. It’s a simple maxi/midi style skirt with a slit on the side.

Gold Sweeney Skirt
Reformation Sweeny Skirt

This dupe is from ASOS, I think it’s a lot longer but then again it could be difference in height of the model.

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ASOS Maxi Skirt with SlitReformation Sweeny Skirt

Reformation Dupes – Jimmy Dress

This is such a beautiful dress and it was super hard to get something similar. It has a slit on the bottom and most dresses with this style doesn’t have a slit. However the silhouette is pretty common.

Bordeaux Jimmy Dress
Reformation Jimmy Dress

This dupe is from Free People is is spot on in terms of the sequins and the general shape of the dress. The only differences are the colors, slit, and there’s a seam near the booby area to define it. Otherwise, you can style it the same way as the Reformation model, with tights and some cute kitten-heeled shoes.

Slide View 1: Gold Rush Slip
Free People Gold Rush Slip

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Reformation Jimmy DressFree People Gold Rush Slip

Reformation Dupes – Celeste Dress

This dress is so simple but so sexy with the side slit in it. This is perfect for your office holiday parties!

Garnet Celeste Dress
Reformation Celeste Dress

The only differences between the Lulu’s and Reformation dresses are the colors. They unfortunately don’t have it in this beautiful berry red color, but instead it’s available in forest green and a black.

Swept Away Forest Green Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
Lulu’s Swept Away Green Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

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Lulus Swept Away Green Long Sleeve Maxi DressReformation Celeste Dress

Those are all of the dresses that I could find some pretty good dupes! These are all perfect examples of what is a cute and trendy dress for New Years, Christmas, or any Holiday parties! Personally, I’m going to be wearing the Abercrombie dress to my companies Holiday party. You can see the photos soon. 😉

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